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2017 Aerial Stuff

2017 has been busy for photo work, but it's also been eventful with aerial goodness! I've been wanting to invest time in aerial work since about 2012 when I was working for the Union-Tribune and met a super talented guy by the name of Alex Fuller. He had a Phantom and came on a few shoots for this car show I worked on and the concept of flying around getting any kind of footage blew me away. Well over the past 5 years, Alex went off to do great things with aerial photography, starting his own production company and traveling the world getting rad footage and I've been sitting back watching. Well last year I decided to go in whole hog. I bought an entry level drone, the DJI Mavic and early this year started taking around the world, chucking it in the sky getting (sub-par IMO) aerial video! I've added a short reel from the year to the Videos page and to my Reels section and I just hope to get more and more work from flying this little guy (and hopefully bigger, better rigs) in the future. I've got a long way to go, but I'm so stoked on this new outlet for creativity!