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New Site, New Flavor, Plus Bonus Store!

I've been hard at work.

I've begun curation of all of my photography and have started to select photographs to sell as prints. It's part of this ambitious goal of mine to start treating myself seriously as an artist and photographer after years of denying it to myself. So please, support me and purchase a print!

All of my photos are printed in Germany on Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag Paper and the prints come out just incredible looking. The paper is 308gsm and feels weighted in your hands. I'm also signing and numbering each print as I'm only planning on doing runs of 50 on each print before discontinuing and moving through my collection.

The site also has a new feel. I've separated out my photo work from video. Each side represents itself a little differently. On the video side, I have listed my clients from the past handful of years and the work I've done for them.


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