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Golden Door Skincare Spots

This one has been a long time coming. Back in May, I got together with Golden Door on an ambitious photo/video shoot to advertise for their skincare line. They hired an entire photo team and brought me on as the video team to create photos and videos at the same time.

We only had two days to shoot everything, which meant a tight schedule between both teams and our two models constantly going back and forth between shoot setups and changing hair and make up. It was a ton of work for those two days and at times, our respective teams had difficulty getting what we needed from stepping on each other in tight time frames or cramped shooting locations, but all in all, the shoot came together and some great content emerged.

Below are a selection of of the ads for those products. Stepping away from traditional ads, these vignettes were experiential in nature, trying to portray through locations and our talent what using Golden Door's products would be like without showing the products themselves.

All of the videos were shot on the Sony FS700 in 4K 60fps using an Odyssey 7Q. Aerial shots were made with the DJI Mavic.